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Where it all started...

The Women of Power Journey 

Women of Power Internet Based Radio Show infused the music industry in 2015 on the Fishbowl Radio Network, the largest internet based radio network in the world.  In their second year they won 'Show of the Year' in the Grey Bowl at the Annual Sharky Awards.  WOP hit the scene with infamous guests, intriguing segments and innovative gospel music.


In 2019, the show went through a transition that introduced new segments, new hosts and new format. Kashas Reads focusses on snippets of the hottest books to inspire listeners by sharing nuggets of information. Nana O brings poetry and topics, originals and classics, that rocks the airwaves. Their  "What's Poppin" letters bring real life questions and situations to the air allowing listeners to chime in on diverse situations. What's New talks about the latest in the enterntainment industry, local and national news and crazy things people do. Women of Power podcast is visible on all social media outlets and YouTube. 


Meet Kasha

Your passion will open doors!

Kasha Hunt

Author, radio show host, motivational speaker, director, and playwright

Born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kasha Hunt has a gifting in creative arts, writing and business communications. This has allowed her to write and direct multiple stage plays, be a featured speaker at various ministries, host an award-winning radio show and author her first of many books.


With a background in local television as a Producer and Host, Kasha is known locally from her years on the Community Channel on the Sylvia In The Community Show where hot topics were discussed.

Kasha started the Women of Power Radio Show with five powerful women in 2015 and won Show of the Year their second year on the air. Changing of The Guard is her first published book and she is already working on her next release which is a compilation entitled Ratchet to Righteous, which will consist of testimonies from all around the world. 

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Your tongue is a paintbrush, what are your creating?



Nana O.


Author, radio show host, poet, and mom

Nana O is a mother and spoken word artist. She began writing poetry at the age of 6 when her school teacher passed away in an accident. She is a lover of words and is currently working on her first book which deals with God,dating, and relationships on this journey we call life. Her pieces range in diverse topics; as she strives to create dialogue on topics others would rather sweep under the rug. With titles such as Devil's Decoy, Dark Comfort, Dear Sidelines, and Bring Us Home Oh God just to name a few, it is evident she leaves no arena untouched.

Nana O. is also the co-host of the award winning online radio show, Women of Power, which aims to Educate from a Biblical perspective, Encourage, and Empower through open dialogue and in depth discussions. 

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